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 Eugenio Bennato founded in the seventies'the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare (New Company of Popular Song) in 1969,the first and most important ethnic research and revival group in SouthernItaly. The NCCP, discovered by big neapolitan artist Eduardo De Filippo, whoinvites the group in his thatre, after his debut at the Festival dei Due Mondidi Spoleto ('72) toured with great success in Italy and abroad (France,England, Germany, Yugoslavia, USSR, Argentina, etc.)

Eugenio in 1976  set up with CarloD'Angiò MUSICANOVA and began an independent career as a composer, referringheavily to the popular style. He released many successful albums, including"Brigante se more" in 1979, containing tracks on the theme ofbrigandage in Southern Italy. This work is still very popular with youngaudiences.

He has written numerous soundtracks forcinema, theatre and classical ballet.
Most prominent among them are"L'eredità della priora" di A.G.Majano (1980 RAI UNO); "DonQuixote" by Maurizio Scaparro (1984, Colonna Sonora (Soundtrack) prize),"Cavalli si nasce" by Sergio Staino and "La stanza delloScirocco" by Maurizio Sciarra for which he received the most prestigiousrecognition in Italy for soundtrack composition, the Nastro d'Argento (1988 and1999).

In 1998 he founded in collaboration withSilvia Coarelli the movement "Taranta Power", which in the wake of anextraordinary renewed interest in the ritual Tarantella rhythms among theyounger public, advanced the proliferation of this dance through variouscreative forms (music, cinema, theatre) and marks a break with the past ofitalian popular music.

February 2000 saw the realisation of the“Lezioni di tarantella” tour, bringing the grand masters of the Tarantella toSocial Centres in Florence, Milan, Padua, Bologna and Rome.
Eugenio’sinternational Taranta Power tour began in Autumn 1999 with concerts in prestigetheatres in the principal cities of Eastern Europe: Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo,Dubrovnik, Tallinn Warsaw, Prague, Pristine and Skopje.

Overseas activity continued in 2000-2001 inMorocco (Casablanca and Rabat), Tunisia (Tunis, Hammamet), Australia (Adelaide,Melbourne, Sidney, Brisbane), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), U.S.A. (LosAngeles), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mar del Plata), Spain (Barcelona),France (Paris, Marseilles), Algeria (Algiers, Oran).
On 17 February 2001 hetook part in the Womad festival in Adelaide, his track “Taranta Power” wasincluded in a compilation of this festival headed by Peter Gabriel, whoextended the invitation to perform in July and September 2001, under the Womadumbrella in Reading and Singapore.
In the 2001 he founded the “ School ofTaranta and popular dancing of Mediterranean” in Bologna (Italy): the firstschool in Italy active in the research and popularizer of Southern Italy’spopular dancing.

Released in June 2002 the new CD “Let theMediterranean be” , this is the fruit of a cultural and artistic journey thathas organically extended the idea of Italian ethnic music on to a Mediterraneanhorizon. and opens to the collaboration of artistic energy in Italy because of the new migration  from southern world.

The tour, “Che il Mediterraneo sia”, begunin summer 2002, gained momentum through 2003 and 2004, stopping off atimportant events like the Sfinks festival and the Festivalde Brugges in Belgium, the Stimmen festival andthe Nuremberg Festival in Germany, the Festival diVillanova and the Festival di Salamanca in Spagna,the  B.B.C. Union Chapel in the U.K.; Festival duVent in Corsica, Roman, and the Festival of Egyptian Cinema at theCairo Opera (December2004); giving end to an extraordinary experience thatalready had been in many Mediterranean countries (Southern France, Spain,Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Croatia) and Africanones, (Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa) in Europe, (France, Germany,Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, England, etc).

Eugenio collaborated with his brotherEduardo Bennato on the composition of the soundtrack for the animated film,“Totò Sapore” (a Medusa -Lanterna magica coproduction), released in the cinemaat Christmas 2003, a cartoon seen by millions of children. 

In the meanwhile, ,the concert season goeson being enriched  by new and important stages: Addis Abeba,Cayro, Tabarka Festival in Tunis, Medfest ofThessaloniky, Pristina and Pec in Kossovo, as well as a tour in Wales (Swansea,Cardigan, Aberystwyth, Builth Wells, Llangiollen, Caernarfon).
Since 2005Eugenio Bennato has been even the inventor and the artistic manager of the“Euro-Mediterranean concert of dialogue among the cultures” where there are theperfomances of Taranta Power, but also of classical orchestras chosen byBennato himself and Nayer Nagui, manager of orchestra of the Opera of Cairo, inthe host country. This concert can count also on the presence of Mediterraneanguests of prestige as Fathy Salama, Hasna el Becharia, Pietra Montecorvino,Maria of the Bonnet Sea among others. This event has already been performed in2005 at the Opera of  Cairo ,in Rome, Naples, Otranto, Cosenza; in 2006 inBarcellona, Luxemburg, Algiers.

In 2007 he published "Sponda sud",which opens with the title track written in Addis Ababa for the voices ofEthiopian children.

On 26 february 2008 Eugenio Beannto is at58° edition of Sanremo festival (a music festival on television in Italy) withthe track “Grande Sud”. With this new record in 2008 began a tour thattouches, among its most important stages, the "Fiesta Festival" inToronto, ending with a tour in Africa, in Maputo and again in Addis Ababa.

Since 2008 he  is the AristicDirector of Kaulonia Tarantella Festival (Caulonia, Calabria), which he foundedin 1998, which join the importance and number of appearances at major festivalof ethnic music, such as Melpignano, Carpino etc., arisen in the wake of themovement "taranta power".

In the 2010 at the Festival of 2 Worlds ofSpoleto, (the most presigious italian festival of theatre and music) hepresents the concert "Briganti Emigranti".

In october 2010 he realised his book“Brigante se more”, which tells the story of the famous ballad he wrote with CarloD'Angiò in 1979.

In 2010-2011 was involved in concerts inGreece, Portugal, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey and Philippines.

In september 2011 at the request of the newmunicipal administration he founded the "Napoli Taranta Festival"that opens with the concert "Suite for orchestra and popular voices"written by him for the Orchestra e Coro del Teatro di San Carlo, directed byJulian Kovachev.

In dicember 2011 appears his last recording work.The title is "Questione meridionale" (southern question).
Inseptember 2011 he realised Napoli Taranta Festival with a concert withOrchestra end Coro of Teatro San carlo of Naples.


In dicember 2011 appearshis last recording work. The title is "Questione meridionale"(southern question).

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